about us

Our mission is to provide our customers with a safe and satisfying Escrow experience.  We demand of ourselves the highest standard of expertise and integrity.  It is our obligation to bring 100% of our capabilities to each transaction and to treat each client as a venerable member of our family.  To that end, our staff continuously works to hone their knowledge and skills.  We never rest on our laurels.


Our focus is to look for additional ways to serve our customers, going beyond what is expected, and delivering an extra measure of value.

Beach Pacific Escrow is a family owned and operated business, established in 1990 and located in Huntington Beach California.  Beach Pacific Escrow is a proud member of Escrow Institute of California; the Escrow Agent’s Fidelity Corporation; and the California Escrow Association.


Co-Founder and President PJ Garcia, has practiced escrow in Huntington Beach for over 35 years ,

and has extensive experience performing all forms of Real Property escrows, including 1031 Exchanges; Commercial transactions; and all types of Residential transactions including For Sale By Owner. She is also an experienced Bulk Sale (Business Transfer) practitioner. PJ is a member of and has served on the Board of Directors of the Escrow Institute of California since 1996 (currently serving as the 2006 Chair); the Governing Board of the Woman's Council of Realtors - Coastal and West Orange County Chapter since 2000; Chairperson of Preferred Business Network (a local marketing group); and is a member of California Escrow Association and American Escrow Association.


Co-Founder and General Manager Pat Garcia has served on the Board of Directors for Escrow Agent's Fidelity Corporation (a legislated entity which serves to protect the Trust Account Funds), since 1993; is a member of California Escrow Association and American Escrow Association.

Beach Pacific Escrow is licensed by the California Department of Financial Protection & Innovation with license # 9631602 California Department of Financial Protection & Innovation (DFPI) is responsible for enforcing the Escrow Laws which are found in The California Financial Code (Division 6, Items 17000-17700), and the California Escrow Regulations (Title 10, Chapter 3, Sub-chapter 9).


These California Laws requires that Beach Pacific Escrow maintain membership in Escrow Agents Fidelity Corporation

As required by Section 11346.2 of the Government Code, the Commissioner of Corporations ("Commissioner") sets forth below the reasons for the proposed amendment to Rule 1723 of the California Code of Regulations ( Title 10, Sec. 1723 ).The Department of Corporations ("Department") licenses and regulates independent Escrow agents under the Escrow Law (Financial Code Section 17000, et seq.). The Escrow Law requires every escrow agent licensee to participate as a member of Escrow Agents’ Fidelity Corporation (“EAFC”). EAFC was created by statute under the Escrow Law on or about 1982 for the purpose of providing limited indemnification to member licensees against a loss of trust funds caused by fraudulent or dishonest abstraction, misappropriation, or embezzlement by an officer, director, trustee, shareholder, manager, or employee of the licensee.